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Why choose CFAO MOBILITY ?


Clear and unsurprising, our prices are displayed everywhere in our workshops. Our packages include spare parts and labor.



The original manufacturer's parts have been the subject of research and checks hours, hundreds of patents and crash tests to ensure the motorcycle quality and the driver safety. By entrusting the maintenance of your SUZUKI motorcycle to CFAO, you are sure to buy original spare parts, ensuring driving performance and maximum safety.



CFAO workshops are equipped with all the specific equipment for the maintenance of your motorcycle. Our diagnostic tools are efficient and modern.



The technical evolution of motorcycles requires a well-trained staff to ensure quality after-sales service. This is why CFAO technicians regularly benefit from specialized training.



For the maintenance of your SUZUKI motorcycle, you can call the fast service. You are sure to receive an immediate welcome, without making an appointment, and the technician advices well considered. Fast, this service offers a quality service and a free checkup of the main checkpoints of the state of your motorcycle.

To ride safely, call us or make an appointment directly online.

Warranty Conditions

The products sold in the CFAO network benefit fully from the SUZUKI warranty granted by the manufacturer.

Your new bike is covered 6 months / 10,000 km (depending on model), whichever comes first.

* Consult the conditions of warranty in concession.

The Packages

Our packages include maintenance and wear, simple and quickly achievable: drain, tire, chain kit, brake pads ...

Packages allow you to control the maintenance budget of your motorcycle through a professional and competitive service.

You benefit from all the expertise of the manufacturer with the respect of the maintenance recommendations, the use of origin parts and the application of the controls necessary for your security.

To ride in peace, discover now our packages range.

Call us or make an appointment directly online.

Recall Campaign

Currently, no recall concerned SUZUKI’s vehicle.

Do not hesitate to have a look in this section regularly.

Genuine parts

Your Suzuki is a sophisticated vehicle which was produced from state-of-the-art components. The Suzuki’s technicians are eager to realize good work, and when they do a maintenance or when they replace used or damaged parts, they always use genuine Suzuki spare parts.

You can be certain that every genuine parts will perfectly match with your Suzuki and that it will offer you the best level of performance and efficiency.

Be wise and use some genuine parts, your Suzuki deserves only the best.



Suzuki Genuine Parts are designed with precision and attention to detail to achieve outstanding levels of fit and function, making a significant contribution to your Suzuki’s value and integrity.

Suzuki Genuine Parts undergo extensive testing to comply with all recognised regulatory, safety and environmental requirements.

Through continuous investments in research and development and cutting edge technology, Suzuki Genuine Parts are guaranteed to provide superior quality, reliability and durability.

Suzuki dealers make use of advanced parts catalogue systems to ensure the part supplied is applicable to your specific vehicle, taking the risk of using the incorrect part out of the equation.

Moreover, fitment of non-genuine parts will jeopardise the validity of your Suzuki’s manufacturer’s warranty which could have expensive consequences should major components fail and will impact negatively on your vehicle’s resale value.



When buying replacement parts for your Suzuki, there is no better option than Suzuki Genuine Parts for the following reasons:

1/ While non-genuine parts may seem attractive due to favourable pricing, they will cost more in the long run due to reduced functionality and substandard quality. The saving when buying non-original parts is insignificant compared to the potential cost of repairs due to damage or failure.

2/ The lack of precision in the design and manufacturing of non-genuine parts often lead to poor fit and compatibility. With Suzuki Genuine Parts, there are no compromises: they are guaranteed to fit and work.

3/ Although non-genuine parts may seem like an exact replica of Suzuki Genuine Parts, they are often made from low-grade materials. This inherent lack of quality makes non-genuine parts less effective and shortens their period of serviceability.


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